Body Wraps

Choose triceps, lower stomach, lower back or front or back of thighs.   We use It Works! Bodywraps with Horse Chestnut extract, Green Tea extract, Horsetail extract, Jojoba Oil, Camphor and Eucalyptus Globulus Oil.

Bodywraps can Tighten, Tone, Slim and reduce the appearance of varicose veins and cellulite,   Detoxify the body, and lose inches

Schedule your bodywrap appointment today!  45 minute treatment (Allow an hour – we will take before and after measurements)

Bodywrap Recommendations

  • Drink water for 3 days.  Half your body weight in ounces of water is recommended.
  • On the day of your wrap, it is recommended to avoid alcohol.  There is no need to avoid alcohol the days after the wrap.
  • The bodywrap causes a 3 day metabolizing process.
  • You may continue to take measurements for 3 days. You may experience a little more inch loss each day.
  • Bodywraps can cause a reduction in fat for 2-6 Months.
  • The bodywrap can shrink fat cells down and cause fat loss.
  • The bodywrap can detoxify the body, causing  you to urinate frequently.
  • Try to avoid your bodywrap during your period (Women).
  • Did you gain inches?  No problem:  Your body may have absorbed product quickly, causing a toxic bloat.
  • The body needs to absorb the product to access the layer of fat.  No inch loss?  Your system may be out of balance.  To remedy this you can get pro-biotics (Good bacteria) at a health food store (Not GNC).  Whole Foods carries pro-biotics and small independent health food stores as well.  It is recommend to get a pro-biotic that has to be refrigerated which contains the good bacteria.  Greek Yogurt is good.  Anything by Nature’s Sunshine is a good probiotic.
  • You may also take a good digestive enzyme.  Fresh papaya contains natural digestive enzymes.  Nature’s Sunshine has a good digestive enzyme product as well.


**It is Tan2You and SunFX’s company policy not to tan or bodywrap women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.  Once pregnancy and/or breastfeeding is over, feel free to enjoy your SunFX tan!**