The SunFX tan has a bronzer which washes off in the shower, so don’t be alarmed if after the tanning process you appear too dark.

Wear dark clothes after tanning.  Bronzer will not stain most fabrics.  Silk and leather may stain.

Moisturize with tan extender lotion and your tan will last up to 10 days!

We carry SunFX body polish, body wash, tan extender lotion, and body shimmer lotion. Your technician has these items available for purchase.

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Look for these oils which prolong the tan: Olive, Almond, Sesame, Jojoba and Grapeseed oils.

Avoid coconut oil and mineral oil.

Please note the UV-free SunFX tan does not provide any sun protection. It is necessary to apply sunscreen before going out of doors.

Thank you for choosing Tan2You and enjoy your SunFX tan!