Q. How do I prepare for my SunFX tan?
A. You should shave or wax the day before your SunFX tan. Please exfoliate on the day of your tan. It is important to not have any lotions or perfumes on your skin during your tan. This inhibits absorption of the tanning solution. You may have your hair in a ponytail; a hair bonnet will be provided for you, as well as bra and underwear cover-ups. You will not want to perspire or bathe until your tan is fully developed. Always pat dry your skin after showering instead of rubbing.

Q. Is the tan safe?
A. SunFX’s exclusive formula pulls out melonin in your skin using DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), a derivative of sugar, producing a dark, safe, beautiful tan that develops in 5-7 hours. SunFX Solutions do not contain alcohols, oils, artificial preservatives or perfumes. For optimal results, wear overnight. Our SunFX tan is an exclusive tanning system which incorporates the latest in spray & turbine technology.

Q. Will the spray stain in my home?
A. No. Your Tan2You technician will bring a pop-up tanning tent which will protect the interior of your home. Tanning should be done on linoleum or another hard surface. The tanning solution does not stain.

Q. How dark will my tan be?
A. SunFX has three levels of darkness. Your technician will discuss with you how dark you would like your tan and customize a tan specifically for you. Other sunless tanning booths do not offer a customized experience; only SunFX offers clients this unique option.

Q. How long will my tan last?
A. Up to 10 days. Moisturizing with a tan extending lotion (SunFX offers a tan extender featuring natural ingredients and other tanning products).  Moisturizing twice daily will extend your SunFX tan. Avoiding long baths, hot spas and extended swimming sessions will also make your tan last longer. Avoid exfoliating after your SunFX tan.

Q. I am pregnant. May I get a SunFX tan?
A. It is Tan2You and SunFX’s company policy not to tan women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Once pregnancy and/or breastfeeding is over, feel free to enjoy your SunFX tan!